Until now, you may have relied on interconnected PCs—known as a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network—to share files and resources. Such a setup may be adequate for one to five users, but it can restrict growth, reduce access speeds, and make it difficult to protect information and keep it available. With a shared and centralised server computing solution that benefits from the performance and reliability advantages over Peer-to-Peer and other non-server computing approaches, you can easily get more out of your computing resources.

A basic server network provides the same essential capabilities (access to data, printers, e-mail, and applications)—but it also gives a lot more users access to shared central resources. In addition, server-based computing offers a host of other important characteristics.

Simple, cost-effective setup and administration
Using a server platform allows you to run your business applications, e-mail and collaboration systems, databases, and other applications for more efficient—and more profitable—business operations.

Superior reliability
Count on reliability for the long term, with products that have been fully tested and certified—from high-quality components to expandable options to the applications that your business runs.

Enhanced productivity
Servers support shared access to the applications your business depends on, while enabling your staff to work more efficiently.

Robust data protection
Servers are less susceptible to attack than networked PCs. Unlike a P2P configuration, a server provides a single point of control, which makes implementing protection measures radically simple and quick.A basic server network provides small and medium-sized businesses capabilities like access to data, printers, e-mail, and applications. It also gives a lot more users access to shared resources, at speeds much faster then when using networked PCs. It's easier to monitor and maintain your network because everything is managed centrally and servers are less susceptible to attack than interconnected PCs.

Consider an server network for these incremental benefits relative to a peer-to-peer network:

  • Reduce overhead cost with simple and cost-effective setup and administration
  • Mitigate business risks with superior reliability and improved data protection
  • Accelerate growth with enhanced productivity resulting from efficient and dependable resource access

If you already operate a server network, there are a number of reasons why you may wish to consider refreshing or expanding it with the capabilities of new or additional servers. Server solutions can help:

  • Increase performance and availability
  • Migrate from older systems
  • Cope with increased workload

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