What is an SLA?

An SLA is a commitment to you from Nuclear IT to ensure work is performed efficiently and cost effectively, and that the performance of your network is always at its peak.

It provides varying schedules of work and response levels that you can choose from depending on your circumstances, expectations and requirements.

What are the benefits?

· You choose your support level and price.

· Agreed response times on a wide variety of issues.

· Proactive support, which leads to increased uptime.

· We keep you informed about solutions that may help better meet your  current and  future needs.

· Increased uptime means you service your customers better.

· Defined/capped IT costs, making budgeting easier.

· Comprehensive system housekeeping.

· We discuss with you issues such as the possibility of disaster and
  catastrophe, e.g. a major server  hardware failure.

· The efficiency of your network is our priority.

Our Commitment - Guarantees are offered on the following:

· On-site and remote (email/phone) response times (with a reduction in
  monthly fee if exceeded).

· Preventative network maintenance schedule, e.g. regular backup
  restoration testing.

· Security updates, e.g. Microsoft security updates, Antivirus updates.

· Weekly oversight of your backups.

Service level objectives:

managed services